There is a wealth of information about vegetarianism and veganism online. Below is a selection of websites from some of the world’s key organizations as well as a few of our favorite vegetarian social networking and recipe sites.
This organization looks at the possibilities for replacing animal products with products that are not derived from animals. Some of the propositions on this website are fascinating and could become a reality in the near future.
Viva is a British charity organization which campaigns for a vegetarian / vegan world and is opposed to the cruel conditions in which factory-farmed animals exist.
Compassion in World Farming is an organization which peacefully campaigns to end all factory farming practices. The website has a good resources page.
The International Vegetarian Union started in 1908. This website is a great general resource as well as a source of interesting vegetarian recipes from around the world.
The website of the world’s first vegan society. Formed in 1944 in England, the society coined the term ‘vegan’. The site contains an excellent lifestyle and nutrition section.
The website of the North American Vegetarian Society
Established in Britain in 1847, the Vegetarian Society is the oldest vegetarian society in the world. This is their official website.
The website of the New Zealand Vegetarian Society.
The website of the Australian Vegetarian Society.
An excellent resource for information on vegetarianism and veganism as well as a platform for vegetarian networking.
A fun way to locate vegetarian and vegan restaurants anywhere in the world, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Vegetarian and Vegan recipe sites